Using fragrance in your advertising makes your pieces more noticeable – improving your product recognition and stretching your advertising budget.

We are a full service printer and scent manufacturer. As one of the world’s top scent printers,
Print-A-Scent is unmatched for excellent customer service. Browse through our site for available services, such as scratch and sniff cards and stickers and Snap-a-Scent scent strips. We can micro encapsulate any fragrance or smell into a printable piece.

We are not just a 9-5 operation because we know the demands of our customers deadlines!
We will work the hours it takes to meet your needs.
Give us a chance to work with you on your next fragrance order – you’ll want to work with us for all your scent marketing.

We can take it all the way from concept:
            Use your idea and have it designed, printed, scented and delivered.
We can take your graphics:
            Have your piece printed, scented and shipped.
We can take your printed pieces:
            Scent it and ship them back to you for finishing.


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