About Us

Print-A-Scent is a full service printing company that can take your idea or concept and make it your most effective marketing campaign to date. Do you already have your idea and a printer? Let us “Print-A-Scent” to heighten the awareness of your advertisement to your customer’s attention.

We can take it all the way from concept:
            Use your idea and have it designed, printed, scented and delivered.
We can take your graphics:
            Have your piece printed, scented and shipped.
We can take your printed pieces:
            Scent it and ship them back to you for finishing.

Print-A-Scent is a full service printing company of Microencapsulated Scratch n’ Sniff and Snap-A-Scent fragrances. Using our experience, expertise and advanced technical capabilities, we can boost your next marketing campaign with the power of fragrance.

Print-A-Scent has it all: an accomplished customer service department, a skilled technical staff and the capabilities to meet your most demanding deadlines – every time.

We provide scented marketing pieces to some of the world’s largest companies, and to some of the smallest. We can provide you with scented pieces – postcards, brochures, magazine inserts and labels – in a run of almost any size.

Call us today at (423) 698-1770 to find out how we can make your next advertisement the most effective yet!


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