Natural Gas Utilities

Print-A-Scent is proud to be a partner with many Natural Gas Utilities across the United States. We provide Scratch N’ Sniff mercaptan-scented print materials for some of the country’s largest utilities.

We can help you educate your customers on the “SMELL” of natural gas. Our techniques and experience can help your utility keep the cost low while providing the important informative materials to customers, schools and training seminars.

Mercaptan scented/scratch and sniff: Postcards – Stickers – Pamphlets – Trading Cards – Bill Inserts

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Why does natural gas smell so bad?

On March 18, 1937, a massive natural gas explosion ripped through the school building in New London, Texas, some 298 people – died.

Since the investigation of the New London School tragedy, states across the country have required natural gas to be scented with mercaptan, a natural additive that resembles the sulfur smell in rotten eggs.


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